Welcome to the enchanting world of 'Steampunk Furries,' where each character adds their own unique flair to an engaging narrative. As you delve into the 'Meet the Characters' section, you'll meet an extraordinary cast, each with their own intriguing backstory set in the enchanting Neo Steampunk city of Cogsville. These characters are more than figments of imagination; they are embodiments of deeper values and lessons.

The core principles of these short stories intertwine themes of love, acceptance, and the pursuit of dreams. They collectively emphasize the importance of embracing diversity and kindness, showing how acceptance and love form the foundation of a harmonious blended family. Celebrated within these narratives are empathy and small acts of compassion, acknowledged as powerful forces that better the world. The stories also explore the significance of family support in pursuing dreams, highlighting the joys and challenges of following one's passions. Championing individuality and creativity, they encourage readers to remain true to themselves and embrace their uniqueness. Above all, these tales showcase the enduring strength of love, whether within a family unit or in the profound bond between Mr. & Mrs. Pipps, whose love story acts as a poignant reminder of love's transformative power through life's many adventures.

As you journey through each character's story, you'll discover pieces of yourself and universal truths within their experiences. Welcome to a world where each character opens the door to a new adventure, a new lesson, and a fresh perspective on life's many wonders. Excitingly, new characters will be introduced, and more books are on the horizon. Don't miss any updates — subscribe to our YouTube Channel for all the upcoming information and developments in the captivating world of 'Steampunk Furries.'


Hi, I'm Mia!

Curious about how my life transformed overnight? Discover my story with the Pipps family in a quick one-minute animation short video. The adventures that await are just a click away.

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Hey there! I'm Daniel Pipps, but you can call me Pipps. Follow my journey from childhood curiosity in my dad's workshop to becoming an innovator in Cogsville, and discover the story of how I found the love of my life. Watch now to uncover my inspiring story.

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Hi, I'm Jenny Pipps. My love for dance and art took me from Cogsville to Europe's prestigious stages, and back home to build a life with Daniel Pipps and our three kids. Discover my story of passion and family.

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